Preschool Program

The preschool program at Sproutstart Academy focuses on discovering new skills and knowledge by igniting the passion to learn in every child. Our program enhances the necessary social and intellectual skills each child needs to form a solid foundation for future learning and growth. Each learning environment is intricately designed to fuel self-esteem and encourage independence.

Program Features

  • Focus driven lessons that focus on literacy, language, science and math
  • Group activities that encourage self confidence and social skills
  • Developmental assessments
  • Self guided activities that encourage independence
  • Hands-on learning through sensory experiences

Enrichment Programs 

Karate, Dance and Tumble classes are offered weekly. Parents can enroll children on a monthly basis for an additional fee. 



Exceeded our expectations.

“Our daughter will be much better prepared for kindergarten because of the Sproutstart program and teaching methods. Her teachers have taught her so much! Sproutstart has exceeded my expectations in providing a healthy and stimulating environment.”

— M.C.

Strong foundation!

“Our son interacts well with those around him and has the skills and knowledge that he needs to succeed in his learning.”

— H.E.

Sproutstart makes life easier.

“We love that it is locally created school. Their schedules and flexibility offered have made life easier for our family. We could not imagine sending our children elsewhere.”

— C.R.

At Sproutstart You're Family.